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The Gout Diet - How you can Beat Gout By Altering your Diet

Gout used to be known as the 'disease of kings' since it was related to wealthy men that overindulged in rich drink and food. King Henry VIII of England, who was grossly overweight, suffered from debilitating gout. Other prominent gout suffers ever include Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson.

While gout is not limited to rich folk and kings, it is a part of a class of diseases described by T. Colin Campbell of Cornell University as 'diseases of affluence." As John McDougall, M.D., points out, the conventional Western diet nowadays contains more fat, sugar, and processed food stripped of its nutrients and fiber than the diets of kings and queens throughout history. Gout is because of an excessive amount of saturated fats, a lot of purines, and never enough plant fiber in the diet.

The fundamentals from the Gout Diet

Diet and hydration (keeping enough water in your body) are important in preventing gout attacks. Increased daily water consumption helps you to dilute urinary the crystals, thus lowering the possibility of an attack. Alcohol has got the opposite effect - so you should avoid it drink a maximum of 1 to 3 drinks per week. Controlling weight and enhancing your diet will also be helpful.

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What Must i Avoid on the Gout Diet?

The most crucial component of the gout diet is to avoid high purine foods and foods that create your body to produce considerable amounts of uric acid. Some purines come in the body plus some range from food we consume. Consuming foods full of purine will heighten the the crystals levels within your body. Therefore, if you restrict the quantity of high purine food you eat, you will lower the risk of getting gout. And reducing the quantity of protein in your diet will help prevent attacks of gout, as well as a number of other lifestyle diseases.

Foods full of purines are typically protein-rich foods, such as sweetbreads, anchovies, sardines, organ meats, steak and turkey. In addition to alcohol, specific foods that are better to avoid altogether include:

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Fish and shellfish - anchovies, sardines, herrings, cod, trout, haddock, mussels, scallops, crab, lobster, oysters, shrimp
Meat - game meats, bacon, liver, kidney, brains, meat extracts, beef, ham, pork Poultry - turkey

There are also foods with moderate levels of purines. Included in this are:

Poultry - chicken, duck
Vegetables - asparagus, kidney beans, lentils, lima beans, mushrooms, spinach

If you have eliminated most animal products out of your diet, you can probably reintroduce these food types with no problem, because they have many other significant health advantages.

Limiting refined sugars, including sucrose and fructose, can also be essential as they raise the crystals levels. The same is true with nutritional or brewer's yeast. Remember, the greater you limit purines in your diet, the not as likely you are to suffer from gout or need to depend on medications or other therapies for treatment.

The other big culprit in triggering gout, along with other forms of arthritis, is animal protein. Since animal products have no carbohydrates, they're entirely made up of protein and fat. High-protein animal products produce the crystals in your body, which can cause and trigger gout.

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What Can I Eat around the Gout Diet?

Cherries (red, black, sweet yellow or red sour) assist in preventing gout, as was initially demonstrated inside a 1950 study. Twelve people with gout received one-half pound of cherries or the equivalent amount of cherry juice and properly prevented future attacks of gout. Because this study it is believed that strawberries, blueberries along with other red or blue berries can also be helpful. The possibility advantages of cherries is discussed in greater detail in my opinion, How you can Relieve and Prevent Gout [http://vitalhealthinstitute.com/gout]

Other foods which are safe as well as beneficial include:

Vegetable and fruit drinks - non-citrus, vegetable, celery, red cherry, and carrot juices
Celery - renews joints, bones, arteries and connective tissues
Tomato - alkalizes the blood and it is great for treating the acid blood condition of gout
Other vegetables - kale, cabbage, parsley, and other green, leafy vegetables
Fruit - bananas, other non-citrus fruits

In conclusion, gout is a disease that is basically brought on by diet, and can be controlled, relieved, reversed and prevented by the Gout Diet as well.

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